41 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a staple ingredient in our kitchen and our bathroom (and shhhhh... let's not forget the bedroom).

It's also one of pillar products in our shop because it has an incredible amount of uses and actions both topically and internally.

We get a lot of questions about the uses of our coconut oil, so we wanted to make a reference sheet for you to know how to use your coconut oil.

The Actions of Coconut Oil

In the herbal world, an "action" is like an effect. It's what the constituents of an ingredient can be used for. Here are the actions of coconut oil and what they mean. 

Antibacterial—coconut oil is a natural enemy of bacteria, killing it and keeping it away.

Anticarcinogenic—a preventative measure for the free radicals that cause cancer.

Antifungal—prevents and helps keep fungal infections in control

Anti-Inflammatory—reduces and helps control inflammation.

Antimicrobial—microbe is a catchall term that includes bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. 

Antiparasitic—a parasite is an organism that feeds off of a host. In this instance, coconut oil is preventative in nature.

Anti-viral—A virus is a molecule that infects a host and uses the host to reproduce itself. In this instance, pure coconut oil is very preventative.

Analgesic—This refers to being pain reliving. In this case, it's largely topically.


Topical Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is well known as a wonderful topical healer. Here are some of the things you can use it for. 

  1. After Shave—Especially lovely for those who experience dry skin or razor burn.
  2. Breast feeding—Coconut oil is safe for baby to ingest. It helps with stretch marks, dry skin, and inflammation.
  3. Diaper rash—gentle enough for the babe and powerful enough to help with the itchy scratchy of the diaper.
  4. Bruises—These are caused by blood rushing to the surface with inflammation. Coconut oil sinks deeply into the skin and helps calm the bruise. 
  5. Bug bite—Mosquitos, spiders, fleas, and other bug bites lose their itch when you use coconut oil.
  6. Bug repellent—keeps the bugs off your skin—add citronella and pine essential oil and keep them away.
  7. Lice—coconut oil and anise spray can be a significantly more effective treatment than a typical alcohol treatment for lice.
  8. Deodorant—Infuse with herbs, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to coconut oil, or just use one of our infused coconut oils.
  9. Fungal Infections—especially candida-based infections like athlete's foot, toe fungus, jock itch. Spread it on 2-3 times a day.
  10. Lubricant—let it melt and use as much as you like - add some slip where you need it.
  11. Moisturizer—Stay smooth. Coconut oil absorbs deeply into the skin and is absolutely incredible for dry skin.
  12. Hair Moisturizer—Coconut oil prevents hair damage. Spread on your hair, leave it for 1 hour. Add shampoo before adding water.  
  13. Acne for dry skin—the antimicrobial activity is great for helping with acne caused by topical bacteria but is best for people working with dry skin.
  14. Cold Sores—the antiviral activity plus the emollient activity is incredible for cold sores. Use as needed.
  15. Itchy Skin—try coconut oil on any itchy redness that you're experiencing from dermatitis to eczema to scabies.
  16. Before and after the sun—coconut oil has a very low SPF and is high in antioxidants. It will not replace your sun block.
  17. Wound Treatment—cuts, scrapes, scratches, and other types of wounds heal better with the addition of coconut oil.

Internal Uses of Coconut Oil

  1. Alzheimer's and mental clarity—coconut oil in tandem with other treatment was shown to be helpful in ameliorating deficits associated with aging and neurodegeneration. 
  2. Energy in Coffee—Make this bulletproof coffee recipe for imcreased energy.
  3. Colds—the antiviral activity of coconut oil is lovely for prevention with consistent use in foods.
  4. Constipation—take a tablespoon before and after dinner.
  5. Oil Pulling—This is great for halitosis, gingivitis, canker sores, gum disease, and teeth whitening. Click here for more about oil pulling.
  6. Weight management—replacing your hydrogenated oils with coconut oil and healthy eating will help with your weight management.
  7. Candida and Yeast Infections—taken internally and used as a suppository when necessary, coconut oil helps prevent and heal these infections.
  8. Adrenal fatigue—hormones are fat soluble and allow for proper lubracation in your body coupled with proper sleep and healthy eating, coconout oil is great for adrenal fatigue.
  9. Aid in Digestion—coconut oil is very regulating for your digestion and can keep your bowels regular.
  10. Boost Metabolic Rate—use with regular small meals and snacks to boost your metabolism.
  11. Blood sugar—coconut oil is balancing to blood sugar. It provides energy that breaks down slowly, making blood sugar more stable.
  12. Kidney Stones—In this case, coconut oil is preventative for kidney stones. 
  13. Malnutrition—loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, coconut oil is easily absordbed by the body and wonderful to bring into the fold for anyone working with malnutrition.
  14. Malabsorption—it absorbs easily into the body and makes a wonderful vehicle for additional vitamins and minerals. 
  15. Preventing Bone Loss—one cause of bone loss is free radicals. Coconut oil is effective at stopping free radicals in their tracks.
  16. Protects from heart disease—one cause of heart disease is oxidative stress, regular consumption of coconut oil stops free radical.
  17. Reduce Inflammation—Inflammation is major cause of disease in our world today, coconut oil helps prevent and reduce inflammation.
  18. Reduce Cholesterol—cholesterol is fat soluable and largely caused by long term inflammation in the blood vessels. Coconut oil helps even out the blood and its a natural anti-inflammatory. 
  19. Scurvy—high antioxidant count :)
  20. Ulcers—coconut oil soothes ulcers and upset stomach caused by acid. 
  21. Weight gain in babies—babies that are malnourished or not able to absorb nutrients can often stomach organic coconut oil

Other Uses

  1. For Dogs—internal and external use for skin rashes, halitosis, and digestive discomfort. 
  2.  Aromatherapy—coconut oil is an excellent vehicle for essential oils and other scents, like our Infused Coconut Oil.
  3. Preservation of Medicinal Plants—This is great for preservation because it has a long shelf life and its nature holds fat soluble constituents very well.

How to Choose the Right Coconut Oil

We wrote an entire article detailing how to choose the right coconut oil, but essentially, look for organic, unrefined, raw, and cold pressed in a glass container.

 If you're on a search for the best coconut oil, go with coconut oil from Wildly Organic.





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