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Take the first step towards truly feeling great in your body. 

what is the 7 Day challenge?

Every day for 7 days you're going to track yourself on four things:
1 - Everything you Eat and Drink
2 - Your exercise in minutes 
3 - How confident you feel
4 - Your overall mood

Don't change anything, the point is to get an idea of your real diet—that's the challenge.

You're going to take a real look at what you actually put into your body and how you truly feel throughout your days.

AFter 7 days of tracking, you'll answer a few questions geared towards rooting out the patterns and habits that you have and then you'll make real goals for yourself.

It goes without saying—this challenge isn't for the weak.
(but it is just for the week)

Don't Worry

we'll be there every step of the way

Every day of the challenge, we'll send you an accountability email, bright and early.
Just to encourage you and extend positivity for taking this step for your health.

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Two Words:

Your Health

For the next week, you'll take a deep look into what you're feeling and how it relates to what you're eating and how much you're moving.

You have the opportunity to make real health goals based on your body, not on the latest fad diet or the workout that everyone is doing.