Better than Bulletproof: ThePureWay Fat Coffee

Here are two interesting facts that lead to a completely new wave of coffee consumption in the States:

1/ In 2009, a self-proclaimed biohacker, Dave Asprey, stumbled upon a delicious concoction called Yak Butter Tea while hiking in the mountains of Tibet.

2/ In 2011 The Huffington Post reported that Americans alone consumed nearly 400 million cups of coffee per day.

Well, Yak’s don’t live in the United States and Tea doesn’t sell as well as Coffee here—so Asprey combined cow butter with coffee and Bulletproof Coffee was born.

The idea behind it is simple. Our bodies are really good at breaking down fats into energy (that’s why we store excess energy as body fat), and so many people skip breakfast in our country that adding fat to your coffee offers an extra boost of sustainable energy along with the caffeine high.

Just a note here: Don’t skip breakfast, it’s not good for you.

On top of this, Bulletproof has an additional product called “Brain Octane” or pure MCT oil—which is concentrated Medium Chain Tryglycerides derived from coconut oil—and that certainly does raise the energy levels from the coffee (really intensely by the way) and helps to emulate the effects of yak butter, which is quite a bit higher in fat than cow butter. MCT Oil, however, is a processed product and that process removes the healthy parts that we love about coconut oil.

The Bulletproof team is right when they say that you can’t fit the amount of just coconut oil in place of the MCT oil, but that doesn’t bother us—we’re not sherpas on top of a freezing mountain trying to stay warm and energized. One of our team members tried the MCT oil for a couple of days and reported that her physical energy was incredible, but it was impossible to focus at the desk.

So we made some amendments to the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe—and we find it absolutely delicious and oh so stimulating.

The PureWay Fat Coffee Recipe

  • 1 cup of your favorite coffee blend
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons of organic, grassfed, unsalted butter or ghee
  • Blend together (15-30 seconds) until foamy

How does this differ from the trademarked Bulletproof Coffee?

  • Asprey’s (super expensive) coffee is low toxin, high performance coffee. It’s coffee. Choose your favorite organic or biodynamic brand and you’ll be just fine.
  • The “Brain Octane” fuel is MCT oil, which we don’t recommend. Make the correct decision and use Raw Organic Coconut Oil to substitute this synthetic ingredient.
  • Eat breakfast. To be fair, Asprey says to try it without breakfast just to give yourself an idea of the feeling—he doesn’t suggest skipping meals. Also, Yak Butter Tea is a mountain sustenance food so it’s actually fine in a pinch and probably better for you than sugar cereal. But we don’t suggest regularly skipping breakfast because it messes with your metabolism over time.

Notes on the Coffee

It really does give you a lot of energy and helps with the mid-afternoon dip. However, if you tend towards hyperactivity or anxiety, we suggest taking it slow. It can be really stimulating—it’s designed for sherpas, afterall.

The butter you choose is super important. Seriously don’t skimp on quality here, in Traditional Ayurveda, you’ll find that the energy of butter to be one of the most important parts of utilizing it for your own energy. It really is a pure form of the essence of a cow, so choose butter made from happy, grass fed cows.

Have you tried the PureWay Fat Coffee Recipe? Tell us how it made you feel in the comments.



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I’m 76yo and just trying for the first time yesterday…this sesrcging data today and found this. Thank you. It helped hugely with brain fog for me yesterday and improved energy all day. Weight down this morning. Ate close to Keto for my first day yesterday. Will keep my eyes open and monitor my results. Excited so far. I have complete blood work done annually…November. If I stick with this til then, I’ll have a good idea of how it works for cholesterol, sugar, inflammation and weight. I appreciate your article. Marge in Michigan.


I think that we Westerners are simply overdoing any trend!

Two to 4 table spoons full of fat just for a breakfast drink (as delicious as it may be) together with all the other fats we’re typically eating, just overburdens the liver! Occasionally, yes. Routinely, I’d definitely say, no – not good. Why not burn some body fat that we Westerners typically and obviously are carrying around already stored in/on our bodies instead of further adding fuel to our over-fueled bodies?

I do eat fat, cook with your delicious coconut oil, eat nuts, seeds, use some olive oil, and love avocado. However, I’d rather eat these foods than drink my fat!

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