We’re curating a place where you can purchase the highest quality products for your health and wellbeing. All of the products we sell, come from places we know to be pure, and dedicated to the wellbeing of the ecosystems they’re grown in.

Our company is built on one simple idea:
Humans can thrive using products free of additives, fillers, GMOs, sulfates, sulfites, parabens, gluten and other toxicants—and our planet will be better for it.

How We Choose Products

We go above and beyond to vet every product we sell.

That means visiting farms to see the growing conditions for ourselves, talking with farmers and business owners about their methods of product creation, and looking at the results of product purity testing.

Each and every product is Dietitian Approved, all natural, and safe for you and your family.

What You Can Expect from ThePureWay

We take our dependability seriously.

Just like how you don’t have to question the purity of our products, you never have to question the sincerity of our guarantee.

Aside from fantastic product curation, we offer

  • Incredible customer support—email us with any questions at any time to info@thepureway.com and we’ll get back to you within the next business day.
  • Holistic education—you can find recipes and health resources right on our blog.
  • Fast Shipping—typically within one business day
  • Advice on nutrition and the ability to schedule—our Founder, Luciana, is a Registered Dietitian living in South Florida. Email info@thepureway.com to set up a consultation.


Luciana Godoi, M.S, RD, LDN

Luciana Godoi, is a South Florida based Licensed Dietitian of Brazilian descent who co-founded ThePureWay Dietetics and Nutrition in 2012. She undertook the role as a nutritional entrepreneur at an early age and has developed an array of nutritional services using evidenced based research, to offer to individuals and corporations alike, specializing in: food allergies, medical nutrition therapy, and sports nutrition.

Luciana graduated from Florida International University with a Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition. She served as the Vice President of the Association for Graduate Students in Dietetics and Nutrition (AGSDN) while also fulfilling the role of Council for Student Organizations (CSO) representative. Ms. Godoi completed her Dietetic Residency with the Special Olympics of South Florida and at Palmetto General Hospital. She holds a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from Florida Atlantic University where she also completed a minor in Psychology and Spanish. Luciana is a member of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, the American Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, and Miami Dietetics Association.

Since 2005, Luciana has been providing nutritional education to the South Florida Community. She has been a guest speaker at many events including: Give Miami Day, Signature Healthcare Health Fair, and Consortium for a Healthier Miami. While also serving as a volunteer and consultant to various local organizations.

Luciana is regarded as a highly skilled nutrition professional who has met the strict educational and experiential standards set forth by the commission of Dietetic Registration (CDR) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). She is known to be an extremely compassionate person who provides the empathy and expertise required to assist in the overall wellbeing of all her patients.


Kevin Terrero, M.S.F, CPT

Former Commercial Banker turned Entrepreneur and Coconut Aficionado, Kevin is responsible for the daily oversight of ThePureWay.com and the various retail sales channels. He holds a Masters of Finance degree from Florida International University and a Bachelors of Business from Florida Atlantic University. In early 2016, Kevin was an integral factor in arranging an exclusive distribution deal with North Americas Largest Organic Coconut Manufacturer, Tropics Best.

Most recently, Kevin has joined Sanandi USA serving as the Director of US Operations.This newly established relationship helped provide a direct link between Biodynamically farmed nutritional products and the people of our local communities.  

Kevin Terrero


Interested in working with us?
We are always looking for brand ambassadors, interns and content creators to assist with social media, marketing and design. Please email Info@ThePureWay.com with a quick message explaining your talents and why we should choose to work with you :)