ThePureWay is Relaunching!

This week’s article is an exciting TPW update.

We’re relaunching!

ThePureWay has been in business for almost seven (yes, seven!) years and we think it’s time to take it up a notch. We have big goals for growth in the coming years, and we really want to get a handle on who we are as a brand before we get going.

What it Means to Relaunch

Don’t worry, we’re not changing our promise of purity or changing our mission to bring you the purest products from the most sustainable farms.

We’re Renewing Our Vows.

And what makes it even sweeter is that we just acquired the Trademark for ThePureWay.

So, in addition to the products that you already know and love, we’re going to be rolling out a whole slew of new products with ThePureWay tm label on our website!

A lot of these “new” products were previously only sold at the farmer’s market in South Florida - which leads us to the next shift...

We’re Going Full Digital.

We have been happily serving the Yellow-Green Market for almost the entire seven years we’ve been around. We have seen incredible change and growth within the market and it has helped us tremendously to become who we are today.

We are so grateful to the Market and the community of vendors we have become so close with (and we’re excited to be CUSTOMERS at the market) but we want to take ThePureWay into the digital world to focus on serving our larger community.

We connect with farms all around the world, so we want to connect with people around the world too. Right now we’re shipping just within the U.S.A. but we hope to be able to connect with international brands to bring our co-branding initiative to life!

We’re Growing Our Co-Branding Initiative.

Earlier this year we launched our first Co-Branded Product with a little farm in Mexico called Suelo-Feliz.

We are dedicated to such transparency in our products, that we want to move away from the private labeling that you typically see in our industry.

We want to create a new type of organic initiative: Co-Branding.

We want to showcase our source - give the farms we work with the ability to get their names in front of people that truly care about their pure product.

These types of initiatives do grow slowly because we’re hand picking the best of the best, speaking with individual farmers and herbalists that create products with the purest intention and ingredients available.

We’re Getting a New Coat of Paint

You may have already noticed the subtle changes in the colors on our website and in our emails. We’re working with a new Salmony Pink, a Purply Morning Sand, and a Muted Aqua Blue along with the Light Sea Cerulean you’re already familiar with.

We’re also going to be focused on a creative use of white space - which we are sure never goes out of style.

Do You Know What Else Never Goes Out Of Style?

Dedication to you.

When it comes to our community, we don’t offer anything but the best.

We’re focusing on building relationships with the people in our digital community, sharing products and blogs that bolster your connection to a healthy lifestyle, and bringing you excellent customer support when you reach out with anything!

It’s our goal that you come away from ThePureWay with a smile, knowing that we’ve got your back in your path to wellness.

Is there anything you’d like to see from ThePureWay? Tell us in the Comments!

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So proud of you all….and more importantly….grateful for your investment into your customers locally and now globally. I look forward to rengaging with your brand from Atlanta!!! Stay blessed!!

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