TPW Top 5 for 2019

Can I tell you a story?

Everyone on ThePureWay team took a holiday away from the grind over this season. We gave ourselves time to step away from work and we asked each other to take time to think about things like where we are, where we want to be, and how we feel about 2019.

And you know? We came together after the first day of the new year and we all said, “I’m excited.” It’s not every day—or every year—that everyone on a team individually and collectively feels the same way.

That means we’re starting 2019 off right.

We sat right there and had a conversation about what it is we’re excited about, and from that conversation defined our high level goals for this year.

They’re big goals, and we knew when we were putting them down that we’re adding challenge and risk to our excitement—and we’re ready for it.

Each of our goals has a lot of details and sub-categories so we created “goal groups” so we could share our Top 5 for 2019 with you!

TPW Top 5 for 2019

1—Increase our Vendors

We want to add more vetted, pure brands to our online store so that you have a wider selection of trusted organic, biodynamic, and all natural products to your life.

Spoiler alert—we’re already rockin and rollin on this one. Join our email list to be the first to find out about the newest products on our site.

2—Be more Customer Focused

That means you. We want to know what you’d like to see more of, what difficulties you have navigating the website, and what products you need so that you can walk your own pure way.

Send us an email ( or message us on facebook if you want to share ideas, articles, or even just want to say hi and share your story!

3—Grow our Online Community

We have been so lucky because we know a lot of our community personally—they come to our booth at the local farmer’s market every week!—but we want to be able to spread out more and serve the rest of the US. Especially when it comes to places where we know don’t always have the purest options at their local super markets.

We have been setting the stage for growth online for a while, and we’re excited to put that plan into action!

4—Research (and Share) More Pure Brands

This one is almost a personal project that we’re sharing with you just because we can. If you’re anything like us, you’re looking for pure products to use all the time, and when you find a new brand you like, you tell everyone about it. Well, want to turn that focus into a series for our blog!

If you have any brands you want to see, drop us an email to!

5—Get Ultra-Crystal Clear About Who We Are

It’s a little bit heady, this one, and not all together quantifiable, but we’ve had a lot of change this past year, and we’re finding that our definitions of ThePureWay are outdated. We think it’s a good thing, because for us, it means we’ve outgrown the label we put on ourselves.

This year, we want to be able to quickly and easily identify what is “ThePureWay” and (probably more importantly) what isn’t “ThePureWay.”

The Theme: Update + Grow

Did you notice a thread running through our top five? We didn’t until we took a step back what we notice is that the goals we have are all linked to doing what we love—and what we’re already doing—better.

We have been laying an incredible foundation these past years, and this year we’re focused on growth—in a way that makes sense for our whole community.

That could mean anything from a website update to a new look to our emails. It could look like a new product from ThePureWay line or a whole new initiative for customer accounts. If it means the PureWay community will have a better experience, you can bet we’ve got our finger on the pulse.

You don’t want to miss this year, promise.

What do you think about our goals? Too big, too small? Tell us in the comments below!


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