New Vendor Announcement: Suelo Feliz

In the beginning of the year, we let you know that one of our main goals in 2019 is to bring more incredible vendors into ThePureWay’s merchant portal.

We want to offer you more variety of the very best products in the world—products that are safe to consume and focused on the regeneration of the Earth. Every product we have in our shop is vetted by a human being to be fairly traded, safely harvested, nonGMO, free of added chemicals, intentionally processed, and organically grown.

When it comes to the products we offer, we don’t cut corners. That makes it challenging to find the perfect additions to our shop, so when we find places like Suelo Feliz, we’re ecstatic.

About Suelo Feliz

Suelo Feliz translates to “Happy Soil,” and that’s exactly what they’re focused on. This family owned Mexico farm is community focused and bringing food, health, and habitat to their surroundings using natural agriculture.

Natural agriculture is a way of producing food based on the native surroundings, starting deep in the soil all the way up to the atmosphere. They use regenerative practices in their farm (like Earthworm compost) and they focus on the health of the entire ecosystem year-around to maintain a biodiverse balance within their farm.

Suelo Feliz offers composting courses along with tea and extract workshops for the surrounding communities because they know that it isn’t just their little slice of paradise that matters—and that if they help their neighbors grow, the whole surrounding ecosystem will have a boost in biodiversity and health.

Suelo Feliz Products

Because Suelo Feliz is predominantly focused on the farm, the Earth, and teaching ecosystem balance, they are abundant with some of the healthiest and concentrated herbs—they’re reaping what they sow.

We’re lucky that we found each other because this regenerative farm makes the most incredible essential oils and hydrosols from the plants that grow there… and we’re partnering with them to sell them in our shop! YES!

That means that ThePureWay is making the finest quality essential oils and hydrosols available to you!

We’ll have more information about each of the products we’re carrying from them soon. In the meantime, join our email list and you’ll be the first to know about all of our new vendors!

You can learn more about Suelo Feliz Products at their website by clicking here.

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Thanks for supporting healthy agriculture and health-care! I love that you know your suppliers and Suelo Feliz seems to be a wonderful place, thank you for introducing the farmers – are they in the picture?

I love Essential oils. They saved me from Lyme disease and other infections and I always have them at home for first (and second) aid care.

keep up the wonderful work you all are doing!

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