A New Addition to ThePureWay: Subscribe and Save

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know we’ve undergone our fair-share of changes over the past year.

What used to be a small website for friends and family members has evolved into a launching pad for budding wellness companies worldwide to share their products in the United States.

Today, we’re happy to announce the latest update to ThePureWay: Subscribe & Save!

Our community voiced their opinion regarding the convenience of having their favorite products auto-shipped every month with out having to click a single button—they were in favor.

We listened to what you had to say and decided to give it a try.

What's more: every product you subscribe to, you save 10% on, EVERY time.

How it Works

Subscribe and Save is the Best Way to Buy Probiotics

On the the product information pages, you’ll see two radio-button options:

  1. One-time purchase price
  2. Subscribe & Save (10% discount).

Choose the Subscribe & Save option.

There you will see where it says "30 DAYS" if you click that, you'll be offered an option of 30 DAYS or 60 DAYS.

Choose how often you want to receive your product and proceed to checkout as usual. As simple as that!

You can expect your shipment and worry less about running out of your favorite products.

The Products You Can Have Auto-Shipped

TPW team chose 10 of our most-loved products to start this pilot-program:

If your favorite product isn't list and you would like it to be, let us know by sending an email to: info@thepureway.com).

Extra Subscribe & Save Information from TPW

We have seen these before, so we wanted to offer you a bit more information on some Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Every purchase made from ThePureWay is backed by our Pure Promise! If at any time you want to cancel your subscription, just let us know!
  • Because you're saving 10% on EVERY purchase with our S&S program, coupon codes will not automatically be applied to future purchases.
  • The system we use for our program is Recharge, they are the trusted industry standard with their own very strict/safe charging regulations in place.
  • You will be charged every chosen period at the same time, on the same card you initially pay with. If you need to change this, just let is know.


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