The Spring Transition Smoothie for 2019

In the Northern Hemisphere, March means spring time—it’s the month of the spring (vernal) equinox—the daylight reaches equilibrium and tips into longer light hours than dark hours.

We’ll start to see little green seedlings and sprouts everywhere, buds on the trees, and new, deeper green on our indoor plants.

It’s time for us to rub the sleep from our hibernating eyes and get the cleaning supplies out.

A big part of Spring cleaning is internal, we want to shed the heavy, sleepiness the comes with winter.

So we came up with the Spring Smoothie for the transition into spring this year.

The Spring Transition Smoothie of 2019

Because we’re transitioning from the heaviness of the winter to a lightness of spring, we want to make sure to have good fats, healthy starches, and a creamy texture along with adding in antioxidants rich fruits and spring greens.

This makes one nice sized smoothie.


1 tablespoon Coconut Butter

1 apple chopped

½-1 cup of coconut or almond milk

1 cup of strawberries

1 large handful of spinach

1 pear chopped

½ an avocado

Optional: grapefruit/orange juice (back off the milk and consider adding the other half of the avocado to balance the acidity/texture)


The most difficult part of this smoothie is incorporating the coconut butter. It’s thick and pasty so add it with the avocado and the apple to your blender first until they’re incorporated.

Then add the spinach, the milk/juice, strawberries, and pear, blending and incorporating each ingredient as you add.

When everything is incorporated, your Spring Transition Smoothie is ready.



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