Your Guide to Pure Gift Giving this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again—even in south Florida we can feel the chill in the air that means, “the holidays are coming.”

A lot of us struggle with what to get our loved ones—between the ads for fast fashion, the products with microplastics, and the onslaught of red-and-green-packaged refined sugar candies, we’re right there with you.

The most recent statistic we read said that for most people, the packaging sells and if the product is “good enough” they’ll keep buying it. We know you’re not “most people” and you aren’t looking for “good enough.”

You’re the unique and beautiful you. And you’re looking for the best—and everyone in your network knows it.

So we made a shortlist holiday gift guide with some of the best gift products—both from our store and from other people we have vetted and know they’re doing it the right way. We broke it down by the type of person you’re buying for so you don’t have to guess.

Gifts for the Foodie Friend

In this case, the “foodie friend” you’re buying for is the one that uses cooking as their creative outlet.

This is the person that tells you what inspired the dinner they made for you and how they put it together to present it just for you.

We suggest helping them harness their culinary expertise with some Organic Coconut products from Wilderness Family Naturals—the versatility is endless. Shreds in your smoothies, coconut butter on the roasted sweet potatoes, and the purest Organic Coconut Oil in your stir fry are just the beginning.

Gifts for the Partner in Pampering

A personal favorite—I’ll admit that I love self care gifts. They’re so sweet and every time I pick up the product, I remember the person that gifted it, which makes it that much more special.

activated charcoal

Make your own Face Mask Kit with the Activated Charcoal from ThePureWay and the organic Honey of your choice. With a tablespoon of the honey and a teaspoon of charcoal, you can make a cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes or so and rinse with warm water—who needs expensive products when you can use the versatility of honey and charcoal!

deep nourishing cream

After your mask, follow up with a little bit of the Deep Nourishing Cream. It makes an absolutely wonderful moisturizer gift in the winter because it’s thickness protects from the winter weather but it doesn’t clog up the pores.

asc clothThe Organic Bamboo Washcloth from Annmarie Skin Care is incredibly soft and durable. The color makes it easy to use after your charcoal mask and it’s wonderful for patting your skin dry after your daily routine. It’s 100% Organic Bamboo, from a company we know to be quality-focused.

Gifts for The Health Nut

This one is our specialty. You could get almost anything from our store as a gift for this friend but we narrowed it down to the products that could be a harder to find totally pure (because let’s face it, a health nut is always going to healthy gifts). These gifts will ensure that your gifts stays unique, and useful, all the way to the last drop.

The Throat Spray from Sanandi is the perfect addition to a gift for your health nut friend on the go. Because its great for cold and flu prevention along with being a nice breath freshener, she can stash it right in her purse and spray a couple of time a day—between meetings, after breakfast, whenever she needs a pure-pick-me-up.

The Thorne Research Vitamin D/K2 is surely on this list because guess what—it’s really hard to find a pure, effective Vitamin D and K2 supplement. The Thorne Research uses liquid so it’s easy to put just a couple drops in your morning glass of water and get your Vitamins for the day—an incredible addition to anyone living through the long winter months (goodbye to SAD!).


If your health friend is a smoothie drinker or a juicer, you cannot miss the opportunity to gift Moringa Powder this year. It’s the perfect addition to boost immunity, increase antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals straight from the Earth.

Gifts for the Tea Purist

We all know at least one person who would rather drink hot water than use anything from a processed teabag (guilty). Whether they say it’s because the real stuff tastes better or because the packaged stuff probably has pesticides (both totally true) this person is always looking for a new brand or a better tea to try.

Loose Leaf Tea

We suggest trying the Sanandi Digestive Comfort and Soothing Sleep Loose Leaf teas. These teas are harvested by hand at the Sanandi farm and are certified organic and biodynamic. One sip and your friend will feel the essence and the power of nature in these herbal teas.

Four Sigmatic




And if you’re looking for something a little bit deeper, the mushroom elixirs from FourSigmatic are a really good choice too. FourSigmatic has a patented safe harvesting and drying technique. Because a lot of their mushrooms are wild harvested, they are uniquely focused on the health of the land along with how to process what they harvest to extract the best benefit with the lowest impact.


What other kind of person are you shopping for? Let us know in the comments and we’ll send you some suggestions!


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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