How to Make Your Own Healthy Chocolate (Recipe)

This week we’re sharing one of our favorite recipes.

Healthy Chocolate.

On weeks where we’re working late hours, need a sweet pick me up, or we’re just craving something sweet, we make a healthy, organic chocolate.

It’s simple—almost too simple—to make this incredible recipe. In fact, Kevin whipped up a batch earlier this week and (as the photo shows) it was impressively delicious.

It literally takes 20 minutes, which means that in the same amount of time it takes to get dressed and go to the store for a snickers, you could just go to the kitchen and make your own—and it’s actually healthy… 

Plus, after you have the ingredients in your cupboard, it’s cheaper to fix your cravings.

Easy, Delicious Chocolate Recipe

The beauty and the creativity in this recipe is that there is no right answer.

Kevin and I each prefer dark chocolate, which means that the recipe below is just a little bit too sweet for both of us, but it’s perfect for Luciana, who likes her chocolate a little sweeter.

So, when you’re making your own chocolate, we suggest adding the ingredients slowly and tasting as you go so that you know exactly the recipe that gets your taste buds tingling.


1 part Cacao
1 part Coconut Sugar
1 part Coconut Butter
(optional) Nuts, Dried Fruit
(optional) honey—you can use this in place of sugar


Step 1: melt coconut butter
Step 2: mix in sugar and cacao to taste, stir constantly until the sugar melts
Step 3: add any nuts or dried fruit
Step 4: spread thinly on flat tray / plate
Step 5: put in freezer for 10-15 minutes
Step 6: break up into small pieces


Do you make your own chocolate? Share your perfect recipe in the comments below.


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