Earth Day? We Challenge You to an Earth Year.

Picture this:

You wake up to birds chirping and sun on your skin, a warm breeze coming in from the window touches your cheek.

You step out of bed and the day starts with a comfortable shuffle along the beach to your favorite little coffee shack.

The ocean waves are lapping the sand—humming the meditative pattern that brings your consciousness to the surface and lets you begin your morning with ease.

This is Earth.

We are unable to separate ourselves, our comforts, our joys from the beauty of the planet—and why would we want to?

ThePureWay exists because harmony with our planet can be—no, is—a  reality. A reality that we strive everyday to keep at the forefront of our minds. A reality that we share with you through education and products that are created with the planet’s biodiversity and regeneration in mind.

Once a year our society celebrates Earth Day. It’s reminiscent of the New Year, New You trends where people make a goal to hit the gym everyday (yaasss) then two weeks of solid gym time then nothing. People pledge to cut back on plastic, stop using straws, plant trees, and focus on recycling… for two weeks… maybe.

Somebody has to say it: that’s not enough.

Our society needs to grow out of fast fashion, plastic packaging in the supermarket, “clean” coal, and adulterated health products.

And when we talk about “our society” we’re not just talking about this massive group that you don’t have control over. We’re talking about you.

You have influence over the people in your circle, and they have influence over theirs—that’s how massive shifts happen in society—with people like you.

Everyone has their part to play. Ours is providing you with the safest, most planet regenerative-focused products that you can fill your cupboards with.

We’re challenging you to find YOUR part in creating harmony with our planet—and not just for the Earth two weeks. For the whole year.

An Earth Year Challenge

We’re not going to make this hard on you, because real change starts small.

We’re going to ask you to take a stand on ONE thing, and just do it. When your friends ask you about it, and they will, you can just say it’s better for the planet.

5 Easy Ideas for your Challenge

  1. Take a coffee cup around with you. If you forget, refuse the lid for your togo cup.
  2. Don’t use straws and try to get anyone you’re with to not use straws when you’re around.
  3. Take leftovers in glass - even so far as to take containers to restaurants.
  4. Get a few hella cute tote bags (or a basket omg, cute) and go to the market - avoid plastic packaging.
  5. When you shop, go to thrift stores or vintage shops rather than fast fashion.

What is your Earth Year Challenge? Put it in the comments to inspire the community!


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash


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