Synthetic Yeast and What it means to all of us…

 (Post Review - BBC News - Scientists Building Synthetic Yeast 7/11/2013)

So I recently stumbled upon an article regarding a group of Scientists whom are responsible for constructing “an artificial chromosome to be inserted into the world’s first Synthetic Yeast.”  My initial response was, “Okay… This sucks,” but I continued to read expecting a bombardment of negative opinions towards what I considered to be a potentially controversial topic conveyed by a BBC Science Reporter.


I quickly came to the realization that regardless of any presumption that BBC may be an Independent International news source, it’s still considered Main Stream Media, and it has become increasingly apparent that there is always an underlying agenda behind the majority of these articles published. Let me explain… This particular article starts off as such…


“Synthetic yeast could be used to make Biofuels and Vaccines…”


Huh?? Could I have possibly misunderstood this?? Do you mean to tell me that the immunizations they are pushing upon us and most shockingly urging parents to give to our children contain the same ingredients/components as biofuels?? In other words, this basically means my car and I will inevitably have a similar substance running between the two of us?


The answer unfortunately is YES people, and it just so happens’ that Synthetic Biology and government funded research has increased tenfold over the past 3 decades, globally. So we must ask ourselves “What is the underlying importance of Synthetic Biology??”


Well, many Scientists believe it to be the link towards understanding the Origin of Life. In this context I undeniably see loads of potential in the research, however this isn’t the easiest or most profitable aspect of the research.


Vaccines and Biofuels are the driving forces! Big Pharma and the Trillion dollar Petrol industry… Two of the absolute most vital facets to the foundation and maintenance of what we now know as modern day society. Corporate Greed… The ones with all the money!


Ultimately, all that matters to the select few individuals at the top of this food chain is A.) What new vaccines can we develop in order to sustain these record breaking profits? And B.) How can we continue to control the world’s energy sources without blatantly disregarding the many alternative options which are more environmentally friendly and largely cost effective?


Do you think finding the Origin of Life may be as profitable as either of these last two statements?


No, neither do we! Can you imagine the plausible implications this would have on the overall distribution of power? Equality! I had previously believed that we might be some of the very few people in the world who have a hard time believing that Biology, Technology, and Engineering can somehow cohesively intermingle (Did RoboCop NOT teach these guys anything?).


Thankfully Social Media and the internet have helped connect us with thousands of individuals who feel the same way!  Proper Nutrition, Exercise, and Peace of Mind will allow you to thrive as was intended! Stay Pure My Friends.


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Check out this MIT comic book for a great perspective on Synthetic Biology!



Disclosure: While Kevin Terrero is certified by the NCCPT as a Personal Trainer, this article is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice. If you are in need of medical advice, please seek the appropriate medical counsel.


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