Harmonize Health Institute: South Florida's New Wellness Incubator

We have some tremendous news...

Luciana is opening a wellness institute!

This is something Luciana and her community have been working on for over a year—everything from putting up walls to talking to the municipality to finding like-minded practitioners. We've been biting our tongues until she was ready to open the doors, and it's finally time to share it with you!

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Wellness Institute Called?

Harmonize Health Institute—HHI for short.

Luciana's definition of health is to be in harmony with your body, so she put it in the name. HHI is what we call a “wellness incubator.” It’s a place where health and wellness professionals can come together and offer their services to their community.

The HHI Mission

HHI operates on one principle: optimal health and positive vitality is achievable.

Using the philosophy of patient-centered care by focusing on the person as a whole allows us to create an environment filled with hope and healing.

The practitioners at HHI listen carefully to each unique story and address the root cause of illness, guiding each client through the discovery process by tailoring a plan of care that addresses the needs of every individual.

ThePureWay at Harmonize Health

The products we sell are on our site because Luciana has vetted them and she feels comfortable using and recommending them in her private practice.

She raves about the effects of the Sanandi Extracts and she uses the Coconut Products from Tropics Best to help people choose the best fats for their diet. The probiotics are top of the line and you can't get higher quality vitamin supplements.

HHI is officially THE place to buy TPW products from in South Florida —and the place where you can schedule a consult with Luciana about which one(s) are right for you!

Practitioners at HHI

Luciana Godoi RD

The driving force behind Harmonize Health Institute is Luciana Godoi, a Registered Dietitian with more than 10 years of clinical experience in Functional Medicine.

Luciana found her healing path like many of us, through healing herself, and through that healing found a passion for educating and fostering healing in others. She specializes in gut health and offers assistance for improving digestion for people working with symptoms of IBS constipation, SIBO, Leaky Gut along with balancing hormones and improving autoimmune problems related with gut dysfunctions.

Along with being a RD in Florida, Luciana is a Certified Leap Therapist (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) to help those manage dietary components of Histamine Intolerance, IBS, IBD, migraines, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions; certified in genetic and epigenetic testing where she applies Functional Nutrition strategies based on someone’s genetics. She offers hormone tests, DNA and stool analysis in her practice and is qualified to recommend gut health and hormone therapies and products.

Lauren Loparo LMT

Thai massage dates back to over 2500 years and is based on a combination of influences from India, China, and indigenous Thai traditions.  A complete Thai massage incorporates acupressure along the sen lines, range of motion for joint mobility, and passive yoga-like stretching to increase flexibility.

Lauren is our residential Thai Massage expert. She works with all body types ranging from prenatal clients, professional athletes, and yogis, to those with various, and existing injuries, surgeries, and joint replacements.

Patricia Coleman LMT

Patty has been a practicing massage therapist for more than 20 years. She offers relaxing massage along with massage therapy for those working through physical trauma.

What Services Does Harmonize Health Institute Offer?

HHI offers services for health and for relaxation:

Gut health and testing
Individualized Meal Plan
Sports Nutrition
Genetics and Epigenetics Testing +Analysis
Hormonal therapies
Autoimmune therapy
Thai Massage
Prenatal Massage
Massage Therapy

We also have a storefront where you can purchase the products you see on ThePureWay website.

Where are You? Can I just walk in?

HHI is still in a phase where we’re only accepting appointments.

Our address:

3554 NE 12th ave
Oakland Park Fl 33334

To make an appointment contact:

Luciana Godoi 305- 209-1613
Lauren Loparo 813-967-7526
Patricia Coleman 954-303-9959


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